Ireland – Emerald Isle Exploration

Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland (2016)

Found on the northern coastline of Northern Ireland not far from Derry, mounds of rocks said to be formed by Finn the Giant, according to local legend. Certainly worth the trip for the views on gorgeous days like this, as well good for hiking up and down the surrounding hills. Bring food and drink, you are likely to need it!


Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge, Northern Ireland (2016)

Situated along the northern coastline of Northern Ireland, The Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge was built by fishermen more than 350 years ago. It links a solitary rock mound to the mainland, which is now a tourist destination. Made it across the rope bridge (and yes, it sways when its windy) and found some beautiful views, as shown in the photos below.


Dublin, Republic of Ireland (2015)

The capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin is great for a quick getaway, which is what my trip essentially turned into. From the famed Guinness Storehouse and the downtown Temple Bar area to the bloody and famed sporting venue at Croke Park, there was plenty to see (and learn) over two days. Oh, and throw in a few souvenirs to buy as well and I was sorted.


Irishwarrior006 (c) – 2017


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